Connor James created DJ Red Sparrow, as a DJ and Producer, at the age of 17. He came from a varied childhood, with lot's of musical experiences, majority of which came from his hometown of Campbeltown, on the Mull Of Kintyre, home to Sir Paul McCartney's famous estate.

Now DJ Red Sparrow lives, and works in Glasgow, creating a positive impact on the DJ Scene up North.
He has had the honour to DJ at Glasgow's First LGBT+ Music Festival - Pink In The Park, which he really enjoyed, and hopes to be performing again, next year.

Connor James, has also had the opportunity to DJ across the Globe, in Oslo, Capital City of Norway, at a funky venue - FruHagen. This was a superb show for DJ Red Sparrow, as he has brought his unique sound to Europe.

DJ Red Sparrow continues to take his work to further reaches than ever before, at such a young age, Connor has created a DJ Show called Off The Beaten Track which is travelling to venues across United Kingdom promoting positive mental health.