Exhilarate UK Radio is a British Urban Radio Station, founded by Managing Director Glen Costa, in early 2019. The Station started off with a select few DJs and Presenters, whist some have gone onto other opportunities, a few original Staff have stayed, and watched the ever-growing expansion of Exhilarate UK Radio.

The Station, aims to involve communities from across the UK, to unite to a network, which is solely to enhance their Radio and Streaming experience. Exhilarate has already built up a strong connection with London, where the majority of our DJs and Presenters abode, however, the Station has also built strong links with the City of Glasgow, where one of it's DJs lives. 

 Whilst Exhilarate UK Radio  is an Internet station, in 2021 they are looking to become DAB Radio Certified and with the prospect of becoming a fully licensed FM Station in the near future. It is a growth that keeps on giving, and is really rewarding for Exhilarate UK Radio Management and its Staff. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website, and Exhilarate UK Radio welcomes you with open arms and a welcoming smile. 

Stay Safe 

Glen Costa 

Managing  Director  and Founder